Best betting sites in Australia – Top new online betting sites

Sports betting has always been a popular activity, and we now have betting sites that meet the demand. For as long as there has been sports there has been sports betting and it is big money!

Here at DiverJoe, I have had the pleasure of watching this industry grow from the beginning and as a result have a large amount of knowledge on this topic. In this article, I will be talking about online bookies and show you which ones to look out for.

Top Australia betting sites in 2023

Where can you find the best online betting sites?

Since there is such a huge demand for sports betting there are literally hundreds of online bookies to choose from. Luckily you have DiverJoe here to help you choose only the best ones! I have developed a certain method that I use to review betting sites which I will be sharing with you. So, stick around as we go into detail about sports betting.

Best betting sites in Australia

As I have mentioned before there are so many bookies to choose from. The ones that I recommend are the ones who have passed my strict testing criteria. This includes looking at the bookies licensing, the number of sports and betting markets on offer, and the quality of the betting site ( to name a few). These aspects cannot be read in isolation but require a holistic view of them all. By looking at all of these aspects together I am able to advise you on which bookie is the best!

Sign-up Process

The sign-up process is generally quite simple. You will be expected to provide your details and verify them. I judge bookies based on the simplicity of the sign-up process together with how secure it is. Signing up online can be quite scary for those who haven’t done it before. I can confirm that all the bookies mentioned here at DiverJoe are safe and there is nothing you should worry about except for which bets you are going to place next!

Bonus Offers and Free Bets

In the same way that online casinos use bonuses and welcome offers, online bookies give out free bets and other bonuses. The quality of these bets is what I judge and will only bring you the bookies with the best deals. The promotions being run at bookmakers is what really makes the experience more enjoyable. It is always nice to get something back and free bets are the best gift there is!

Betting Odds

Betting odds are what distinguish bookies from each other. There are a lot of betting sites with the same sports but it is the odds that they provide for the betting that makes them special. You can browse the odds that the bookie offers before signing up to assess just how profitable your stay at the sportsbook will be.

Security and Support

Online activities require top-notch security. This ensures that your information is kept safe and that you don’t fall victim to foul play. The best betting sites use SSL encryption to protect the information being sent from the bookie and the player. Should issues occur the customer service team should be on top of it quickly. Look out for live chat features and a responsive email and telephone line.

Streaming Options

The best betting sites provide you with streaming services so that you can watch the game while placing your bets. Most bookies also have the option of placing bets while the game is in progress. By offering live streaming it makes placing live bets more convenient. If the bookie offers HD streaming it is always a huge plus!

Mobile Experience

You never know where you will be when your favorite sporting game comes on. This is why a mobile option is so important. As long as you have a stable connection you can check on your bets while they are happening.

Payment Methods

The best online bookies have a large variety of payment options. They must be safe and secure. The best bookies provide quick withdrawals and don’t make you jump through hoops to get to your winnings. I recommend using an online wallet that separates your personal funds from the funds you use to bet. Not only is this much safer but it will ensure that you do not bet more money than you actually have to spare.

User Experience

The user experience refers to the overall feel of the betting site. The design and quality of the site should leave you feeling like you want to come back.

How to get started and claim a betting bonus

Taking the first step may seem like an intimidating task but you should not be discouraged. It is actually quite simple. The only difficulty lies in choosing the best bookmaker for you. Most bookies have awesome welcome bonuses and promise big things. What you need to do is take the time and read the terms and conditions so that you understand fully what it is you are getting into. Once you have done this you will have a clearer picture on which betting site to choose. If you are still not sure, follow this simple How to guide below.
Estimated time needed: 00:06 Tools needed: DiverJoe Casino Supply needed: Money
How to get started at mobile casinos
Finding the right betting site Your staring point will be to consider the bookies provided here at DiverJoe. This will bring your choices down to a few great bookies which I personally recommend. I suggest that you take your best picks and compare them to see which one you prefer based on the bonus and the sports that they offer Step 1
How to get started and claim a betting bonus
Register on the betting site Registering is your next step. Have all your personal information on hand and be ready to verify it with an identity document. These security checks are normal and shouldn’t take too much time. You will have to choose your payment method that you will use to load funds onto your account. The good news is that most bookies allow you to deposit straight from your debit or credit card which makes life super simple. Alternatively, i recommend looking at an online wallet such as PayPal to facilitate your payments Step 2
How to get started and claim a betting bonus
Getting your bonus Now its time to collect your bonus. Should there be any additional step you need to fulfill, such as depositing money into your account, then do so. You should now be ready to enjoy your amazing bonus and start betting! Step 3

Pro tip: How to claim free bets and betting bonuses

Claiming free bets and betting bonuses will greatly improve your betting experience when it comes to sports betting. I have done the research so you don’t have to and can provide you with this easy tip on how to secure yours. All you have to do is check out our list of betting sites offering free bets and sign up. Free bets allow you to bet on your favorite sporting games risk-free. By boosting the amount, you are betting you will greatly increase your chances of having a big win should the odds be in your favor. Claiming your free bets is simple. All you have to do is sign up at one of the amazing Bookmakers here at DiverJoe and you are good to go. Further down you will find a How-To instruction guide that you can use if there is any confusion.

Why Betting Specialization is important

There are so many different activities that you can bet on. Online bookies have been really creative in the things that they offer odds on. From e-sports to politics to reality shows you will be surprised at what you can bet on! It is important to choose a sport that you know a lot about. This will ensure that the bets you place are well informed and that you are not simply guessing. The more you bet the more you will begin to see what is profitable and what is not which will improve your take-home in the long run! Below you can see some of the most popular sport betting markets.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is the most popular betting activity out there. If you watch a sport the chances are that there is an opportunity to bet on it. No matter how big or small the league you will find a bookie offering odds on that match.

Best online betting sites

Football Betting

Football betting is by far the most popular sport to bet on. It is the most watched sport in the world with fans across every continent. Football betting includes placing your bet on various aspects of the games. This can be who the winner will be, who will core the first goal, the goal difference at the end of the game etc.

eSport & CSGO Betting

In recent times we have seen e-sports skyrocket in popularity. Games like CSGO have brought huge amounts of funding with its big audience. The betting markets available includes who will come out victorious in the particular game being played.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is a classic betting market that has been around for many years. Online bookies have made it even more accessible and as a result have increased its popularity. Bet on your favorite horse to win and you could be in for a huge payday!

Golf Betting

Gold is another popular sport that is watched around the world. The profits in golf betting are big if you choose the best golfer on the day. There are a large number of bets you can place which makes it very fun.

Tennis Betting

Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on because of how unpredictable the game is. There is always the possibility of the underdog coming out tops on the day. The final moments of a Federer v Nadal final are some of the best moments in sport!

Other types of gambling

If you can think of a sport there is a betting market for it. Rugby, cricket, badminton, hockey and the list goes on. You can even bet on the outcome of a reality show like Survivor. There is simply tons of fun to be had at online bookies.

The best online betting sites have a proper license

Licensing in betting sites is just as important as licensing in online casinos. By choosing a licensed betting site you ensure that the bookie has been checked for safety. It is extremely important that you ensure that the bookie that you choose is licensed to operate in your country. This will avoid the situation where you are playing at an illegal casino. Here at DiverJoe, I have only chosen bookies that are licensed. This takes a huge weight off your shoulders so that you can start betting without worry.

Find your favorite bookmakers today!

By now you should be excited to start your online betting journey. If you have a sport in mind that you would like to bet on, have a look at the great bookies provided here at DiverJoe and I am sure you will find something that appeals to you. Start sports betting today and prepare for a lot of fun!

Frequently asked questions about online betting

Which are the best online bookmakers?

The best online bookmakers are ones that have lots of sports to choose from with unique and fun betting markets. It goes without saying that these bookies are fully licensed with a well-known authority.

How do you place a bet online?

Placing a bet online is simple. Once you have signed up you will have to choose which sport you want to bet on. Select an upcoming fixture and place a bet on the outcome of the game. Now all you have to do is wait and see whether you have placed the correct bet.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements relates to free bets. This is how many times you will have to play through the winnings before you can withdraw the funds. Ensure you fully understand what the wagering requirements are before you use free bets or other promotions.

Which betting sites give you free bets?

There are tons of betting sites that provide you with free bets. Here at DiverJoe you can find these sites easily, by looking at the lists provided. All you have to do is sign up in order to qualify for your free bets.

Is online betting legal in the Australia?

Yes, sports betting is indeed legal in Australia. As long as the site is licensed and adheres to the necessary legal requirements you should not have a problem pacing your bets online. » Best betting sites in Australia – Top new online betting sites
Last updated: 28. August 2023