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Today I will be telling you about Neteller, and showing you how to find a Neteller casino! Here at DiverJoe, I pride myself in giving you the best possible information, that is relevant and up to date. This applies to my reviews bout payment methods and the casinos I recommend. So stick around and you too could find the right Neteller casino today!

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What is Neteller Casinos?

If you are looking for an alternative to using your debit and credit card for online purchases, then you should definitely consider using Neteller. Just like PayPal and other great methods, Neteller is used to facilitate online payments. With Neteller you are not just getting a company that makes online payments for you, you are also getting a company that is super secure and safe. The company actually has multiple services that can be used depending on what exactly you want to do online. What’s great about Neteller is that it has been made with gamers in mind, meaning online casino goers will find their services particularly useful. A Neteller casino is therefore one that offers Neteller as a payment option, which can be found right here on DiverJoe.

How to use Neteller: Making a Deposit

Using Neteller is a great way to make all your payments online. If you are new to making payments using Neteller use this easy how to guide to assist you. Lets take a look!
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How to use Neteller: Making a Deposit
Find a Neteller casino. If you are looking for a Neteller casino you are in luck. Here at DiverJoe I have looked around and hand picked some of my favorite casinos that offer Neteller as a payment option. All you have to do is select the one that you fancy the most and sign up there. Step 1
How to use Neteller: Making a Deposit
Select Neteller from available deposit methods. When you are about to make a deposit you will have to go to the banking section at the online casino. Select Neteller form the available options as well as the amount that you want to deposit. Step 2
How to use Neteller: Making a Deposit
Authorize the payment from your Neteller account. You will then be taken to the Neteller site where you will have to enter your details and authorize the payment. Once you have finished this process the funds should reflect instantly in your account . Step 3

Don’t have a Neteller account yet? – Sign up today

Neteller is so easy to sign up at, that is why it is such an easy option for many online users. Furthermore, Neteller does not require much from you in order to complete the process. All you need to do is provide them with your name and surname along with your email address. Choose a password and you are good to go!

The benefits & drawbacks of Neteller Casinos

There are some clear advantages of choosing Neteller as a payment method. In the spirit of transparency, I will be considering not only these advantages, but also the disadvantages so that you receive the best possible advice which you can base your decision from.


  • Very easy to use.
  • You do not have to share the details of your personal bank account, which is much safer.
  • Is accepted around the world with multiple currencies.
  • Fast processing times.


  • You have to register before using. Which is quite cumbersome.
  • Fees could be lower.

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Deposits And Withdrawals from Neteller Casinos

Making deposits and withdrawals using your Neteller account is super easy. When making a deposit you would have already loaded funds onto your Neteller account. When you choose which method you want to deposit in, select Neteller. Luckily for you, casinos do not charge any fees when making a deposit using Neteller! The deposits reflect instantly which means you can immediately start playing your favorite games!

A casino that allows you to make deposits using Neteller ill usually allows you to withdraw into that same account.

Neteller does charge its own fees for using their services. When transferring funds into your Neteller account your fee will be between 1%-2%. Processing times of transactions are usually instant but can take up to 48 hours depending on the particular transaction.

Neteller Casino

Alternatives to Neteller and other payment methods

Neteller is a great option for those wanting to make payments online, in multiple currencies. This of course comes down to preference. One person may like Neteller while another prefers a different payment method. This is why I like to give you some further information about alternative payment methods that are just as good as Neteller. Take a look at some of them below.


PayPal offers a similar service to Neteller, except for the fact that PayPal has been around way longer. The number one selling point of PayPal is that most people already have a PayPal account which makes using it for online casino transactions very simple. There is nothing bad to say about PayPal, it is a great alternative for all your online payments.


The future is mobile, and with the huge shift towards mobile gaming, it is actually clear to see where the industry is headed. Boku s a mobile payment platform, which allows its customers to link their purchases to their phone bill. This is a super convenient method if you are gaming on your phone, whereby the purchase is billed using prepaid airtime or monthly invoice.


If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to other online payment methods, then Skrill is definitely for you. As part of the Paysafe Group, Skrill is part of a massive global online payment network. If you are looking for low cost international money transfers then Skrill is defiantly for you.


Paysafecard is a prepaid card that can be used for all your online payments. The benefit of using a prepaid card in online gambling is that you are limited to the amount placed on the card. With regards to security, the card comes with a 16 digit pin code that is used to authorize the payments.

Pay by Phone bill

Pay by Phone bill is a similar payment method to Boku. This uses your phone bill to make deposits into your casino account. The cool thing about this is that you will be able to make deposits on credit which can then be paid when you pay your phone bill at the end of the month. This of course requires you to be careful and not deposit more money than you can actually afford to pay.

Neteller is a great online payment service provider. What makes it better than its competitors is that it has been tailored for online gaming sites. Their service has been optimized to make only payments super-fast and to make the gaming experience better overall. If you are in need of some further information I suggest you check out our easy how-to guide below, alternatively, our FAQ section will answer all those queries you may have> Come and sign up today, at your very own Neteller casino!

FAQ: Often asked questions about Neteller Casinos

Why should I use Neteller for gambling online?

Neteller has tailored their services for online gambling. This means that online casino goers can enjoy fast and secure online payments that takes away a lot of the administrative burdens usually present while making payments.

Do all online casinos use Neteller?

No not all online casinos use Neteller. Particularly in the United States you will not find any online casinos that use Neteller. However, around the world Neteller is one of the most popular payment methods and can be found in most well-established casinos.

Are Neteller Casinos safe to play at?

Yes. Neteller is a part of the Paysafe group which is a large multinational company that operates across the world. Neteller would only partner with a casino that has been licensed and is running a legit operation. It is safe to say then that Neteller casinos are safe to play at.

Are there any fees associated with Neteller deposits & withdrawals?

Casino do not charge you a deposit or a withdrawal fee when using Neteller. This is not the case from other other side. Neteller, as with any other payment method, charges a fee when making a transaction. This include deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

Are there limits when it comes to deposits and payouts?

Yes, there are limits. When you deposit fund into you Neteller account you will be limited to $2 500. When it comes to payouts the limit is so high that the only time you would have to worry about it is if you won the jackpot! » Payment » Neteller Casinos: Australian online casinos that accept Neteller
Last updated: 21/08/2023