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At DiverJoe you will find a wealth of information on a wide range of topics and today I have the pleasure of telling you about Skrill casinos. Skrill is a payment method, one of many, that is is supported at online casinos. I will be telling you a bit about the company as well as some useful information should you wish to use skrill. If you are looking for a Skrill casino you can find one easily by taking a look at the DiverJoe list below!

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Online casinos accepting Skrill

What Skrill actually is

So you have heard the name, but you are not actually sure what exactly Skrill is? Well here is a brief breakdown of the company. Skrill started out as Moneybookers back in 2001. The company quickly became hugely popular by being integrated into a number of huge brands such as eBay and Facebook. During the latter half of 2011, the company announced that they would be rebranding. This rebranding came with a fresh new name Skrill, which is what it is known as across the globe today. Skrill is a great way to make payments online. With over 40 currencies supported you will be able to make payments anywhere in the world with ease.

Skrill casino - moneybookers

The advantages & disadvantages of Skrill casinos

Skrill is a great method for making and receiving payments online. But it is not always all sunshine and rainbows. There are also some areas where Skrill could improve, which I feel I should bring to your attention. This is all in the hope that you will receive a clear picture of what is included in the Skrill experience.


  • Secure payments
  • Loads of currencies available
  • Withdrawal limits are high
  • You can get a Skrill prepaid card


  • Fees are high for smaller transactions
  • You have to verify your account using an ID document
  • Not all casinos offer Skrill as a payment option

Getting started: How to use Skrill at Online Casinos

If you are looking at using a Skrill account to make transfers online you should take a look at this easy step-by-step guide. In this guide I will be taking you through everything you need in order to successfully sign up and use your Skrill account at an online casino. All you need is a working email address and you are already half way there!
Estimated time needed: 00:04 Tools needed: DiverJoe's casino lists Supply needed: Money
skrill casino: Find a Skrill Casino
Find a Skrill Casino Finding a casino that has Skrill as a payment method is easy. At DiverJoe you will find a list of great casinos that offer you Skrill as a payment method. Once you find a Skrill casino that you like you can sign up. Step 1
skrill casinos: Deposit using your Skrill account
Deposit using your Skrill account Use the payment section at the casino and select the deposit option. Select Skrill from the available options and select the amount you wish to deposit from your account. Step 2
skrill casinos: Enjoy your favorite casino game!
Enjoy your favorite casino game! Now that you have successfully deposited funds into your account using Skrill you can now go and enjoy your favorite casino games. Step 3

Don’t have a Skrill account yet?

So, you are looking at getting a Skrill account to facilitate your online casino payments? The great news is that opening up a Skrill account is a piece of cake. Your first step is to head over to the Skrill website where you will find the “sign up” option ( you can’t miss it). Once you click this button you will be taken to the registration page. Your open your account immediately, upon submitting your forms. In order to use this account you need to follow a further step. You will have to verify your account by submitting your relevant identity documents which will allow you access to all of the Skrill features.

What is super cool about using a Skrill account at online casinos is that they have the option of a prepaid card that has your Skrill account funds loaded. This means that when you win at a Skrill casino you will be able cash out your winnings to be used directly on your Skrill card! Using Skrill is a great way to bring your casino closer to you so that you can enjoy your winnings when you want!

If you are looking to open a Skrill account you simply have to follow this easy how-to guide below.

Alternatives to Skrill

Skrill is one of the top methods for making transfers online and is a great option for players at online casinos. The simplicity in the service is awesome and it is why it has such mass appeal. Despite the fact that Skrill may be up there with the best of them, a little competition is always good. This is why we like to tell you guys about some other great companies that offer great solutions to your payment needs online. Take a look at a few of them below including PayPal, Neteller, EcoPayz and PaybyPhone.


Paypal is one of the most widely used online payment services across the globe. Their reputation as a leader in the industry only adds to the trust that people have in their service. Most casino goers already have a Paypal account which means there is no sign up involved, and they are already familiar with the service.


Neteller offers a similar service to PayPal, the difference is that Neteller has tailored its service more towards online gaming. This makes Neteller a top pick for online casino goers who are looking for fast processing times and secure payments. Neteller uses the highest level of security to ensure that all their payments are 100% safe and secure at all times.


EcoPayz is a great method to use if privacy is top priority. If you want to open an account it is entirely free and the whole process can be completed in just minutes. The site never shares any of your personal information with anyone and uses the latest in fraud protection technology to protect your money. With Ecopayz you will be able to send money across the world in multiple currencies, at very low costs.

Pay by Phone bill

Pay by phone bill is a new way to make payments online. If you are wanting to make a deposit you can simply use this method and the funds will be taken off your phone bill at the end of the month. This of course means that you are making your deposit on credit, which requires an extra degree of care! This is a great method to use if you are a mobile user. You will be able to streamline your payments into one great solution. Importantly, you cannot receive your withdrawal onto your phone bill.

Conclusion on Skrill casinos

Skrill is a trusted method of making payments online. They have made their service so appealing to casino goers that this company has become a go-to in gambling. With Skrill, your payments are super fast and the fees are not too high. Skrill casinos usually ones that you can trust as they will have safe and secure payment methods. Take a look below for my FAQ section where I will be answering the additional questions you may have. If you are ready to go, take a look at these Skrill casinos below where you can sign up today!

Frequently asked questions about Skrill Casinos (FAQ)

How do I get a Skrill account?

If you want a Skrill account all you need to do is go to the Skrill website. There is no sign-up fee, all you have to do is enter your personal details and you ae good to go. Once you have submitted your forms you will have to verify your account using an identity document.

Is it safe to use Skrill?

Yes. Millions of people around the world trust Skrill, and so should you. The company operates on a massive scale and is compliant with all the necessary regulations. There is nothing to worry about when using Skrill to make and receive payments at online casinos.

Do all casinos in Australia accept Skrill?

No they do not. This is why I have searched for the best casinos that do offer Skrill as a payment method so that you don’t have to ! All you have to do is take your pic from the list of Skrill casinos provided here at DiverJoe.

Are there any limits when it comes to Skrill deposits or withdrawals?

Your withdrawal limit will depend on what level you are. There is Bronze, Silver and VIP members that each have their own respective withdrawal limit.

Are Skrill deposits immediate?

Yes, your Skrill deposits are immediate. The great thing about using Skrill is that when you make your deposits they will reflect right away in your casino account. This will allow you to get ack to what matters most, playing your favorite casinos games!

How long does it take to transfer money from Skrill to bank account

Sending money from your Skrill account to your bank account will take around 2-5 days to reflect. The awesome thing about Skrill is that you will always be updated on the status of the transaction. » Payment » Skrill Casinos (Moneybookers) – Australian online casinos that accept Skrill
Last updated: 27/03/2023