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If you are going to play at an online casino, make sure it is a safe online casino. Here at DiverJoe we only recommend casinos that we are 100% sure provide a legit gaming experience for their users that is safe and secure. In this article, I have the pleasure of giving you some insight into the different aspects of what makes a safe online casino. This is information is very important and should be useful to you when deciding which casino you are going to sign up at. Let’s take a look at some of the safe casinos, handpicked by me DiverJoe!

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Safe & secure casino sites in Australia – My recommendation:

How to know if a casino is safe?

It may be hard to assess whether a casino is safe just by looking at it from the first glance. The process in determining whether a casino is safe requires going through a process whereby you check certain important aspects. What I can do, as a starting point is to describe what a safe casino is. Firstly, a safe casino is one that is licensed. Licensing makes up a big part of the safety analysis as a casino that obtains legit licensing has passed the safety standards prescribed by the licensing authority. Up next we look at the security of the website itself, secure payment methods as well as the software providers that they have teamed up with.

Safe online casinos in Australia - DiverJoe's trusted & licensed online casinos

The Gambling license in Australia

The gambling license of Australia is issued by the Local Regulatory Authority. This license is only approved after the requisite documents are submitted and will only be approved if the applicant can display good financial positions as well as the utmost integrity. A company that receives this license will be covered by all forms of gambling in Australia, including online gambling. Online casinos based in Australia will have to get this licensing if they wish to operate within the borders of Australia.

Malta Gaming license (MGA)

The Malta Gaming Authority is a huge name in online gambling, and as such you will see that a large number of operators have obtained their license from them. The Authority issues two types of licensed, B2B and B2C, which lasts for five years. This license is so well recognized that the UKGC has given it a spot on its white list, which automatically gives operators access to UK players. The MGA makes it a requirement for operators to adhere to stringent requirements. This includes filing up to date financial statements, ensuring safety standards are met and implementing their Responsible Gaming Policy

Other gambling licenses

There are a number of licenses, specific to the country in which the casino operates. This is because each specific territory has its own list of requirements that they have in order to regulate the gambling industry In the country. These regulations are in line with the relevant laws of that country. Below we will be taking a look at some of these licenses and I will explain what this means for you!

Curacao license

Curacao is another popular licensing authority. This little Caribbean island has very favorable tax incentives with regards to casino profits, which is why it is so popular. Additionally, there is a very fast processing of new licenses, which makes it a smart move for new operators. The country has such a large gambling industry which forms a big portion of the island's budget that they have made it very favorable to casinos to operate there. This license ensures that safety and fairness procedures are complied with and will ensure the casino is operating a legit gaming experience

Isle of Man Gaming license

Unlike other countries that have laws that inhibit the growth of gambling, the Isle of Man has established laws that stimulate expansion and growth. In order to get a license from the Isle of Man operates will have to display credibility in the service, fairness in the games on offer, that they have enough money to payout players who win and their standing in the gambling community.

Gibraltar Gaming license

Gibraltar is a hub for online gambling activities, where they issue licenses only to outstanding service providers. IN order to obtain a Gibraltar license operators have to satisfy certain requirements. These include, showing financial solvency of the business, providing an in-depth business plan and show the ability to facilitate online payments through one of the banks situated in Gibraltar.

Costa Rica Gaming license

Costa Rica does not have a specific gambling license, in the traditional sense. Online casinos do have to obtain a data processing license, if they wish to conduct casino activities in Costa Rica. In order to obtain one of these licenses, the casino must have at least one office in Costa Rica.

Country specific licenses

Depending on the casino that you are playing at they may have licensing from one or another country-specific licensing authorities. There are too many to mention here so your best bet is to simply do some research to see that the casino you are playing at is licensed by a true licensing authority.

Why you should play at a safe casino?

There are way too many online casinos around, that offer safe and legit gambling services, for you to choose one that isn’t safe. By playing at a safe online casino you will always be certain that your you get exactly what you sign up for.

By playing at an online casino that is safe you know that the games that you are playing are fair. Unlike land-based casinos, where you more or less can see whether the games are fair, unlike casinos are a bit different. The key difference here is that online casinos use RNG algorithms to produce random outcomes in their games. This of course requires a level of fairness to ensure that these outcomes are in fact random and not rigged. Safe casinos ensure that all their games are checked for safety and that they meet fairness standards.

When moving money online you need to be sure that your personal information is safe. If you fail to do so this may lead to you falling foul to scams. Safe online casinos do not have these issues and you can be sure that your money will always be in safe hands.

Licensed casinos in Australia: Pros and Cons

There are multiple benefits to playing at a licensed casino. These have been highlighted in detail above. The disadvantages? Well, there are none! This is just a simple fact about online casinos!


  • Your information is safe and secure
  • Your payouts are reliable.
  • You get exactly what is advertised
  • If you have a dispute you can report the casino to the licensing authority.


  • Smaller online casinos will have trouble raising the funds to apply for these licenses.
  • Places a huge administrative burden on online casinos.
  • Not all licenses are equally valuable

What factors make an online casino secure?

So what makes an online casino secure? Well, a secure online casino is one that has certain security measures to protect information being sent from you, the customer, to the casino.
Safe online casinos use SSL encryption on their websites. By doing so, these casinos eliminate the possibility of hackers stealing the sensitive data of the customers. I therefore recommend only using sites with SSL encryption. This can be ascertained directly from the bottom of the screen where it is usually advertised.

Secondly, one needs to look at the games being offered. These are where you will be spending your time at online casinos and it is therefore imperative that you know that they have been tested and checked by an independent 3rd body. These tests should include fairness and safety analysis before they get the green light.

Safe online casino games

Now we get to the fun stuff. The games! But before you go and enjoy your favorite casino game I must remind you to only play safe online casino games! Below I will be showing you safe online casino games that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a much-loved card game, that can now be played online. This game is totally safe to play as long as the game comes from a reputable software provider. If you want to play online blackjack take a look at some of the DiverJoe recommended sites so that you can start playing today!

Online Roulette

Everybody loves the big roulette wheel at land-based casinos. The game has made its way online too! The difference here is that software companies use RNG to determines the outcome of the wheel, instead of gravity. You can rest assured that online Roulette is a safe game that you can enjoy without stress.

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is another popular online card game that is played between the player and the banker. You will find baccarat at most online casinos and is super popular amongst players. If you want the real experience, give live baccarat a try.

Online Poker

Everybody loves poker. It is by far the most popular card game in the world. The online version is the same as land-based, with the added benefit of high payouts and nail-biting showdowns. Online poker is completely safe and all casinos offering this game are checked, as long as you found them on DiverJoe!

Online slots

Slots are the most popular game at land-based casinos. If you are looking for variety then look no further than online slots. There is literally something for everyone whether it be video slots, classic slots or huge progressive jackpots.

What you should always look for in a safe casino

In this section, I will be giving you a breakdown of what to look for in a safe casino. These aspects are the most important but you shouldn’t be limited by it. At the end of the day, you will have to use your intuition as the final determining factor as to whether a casino is safe or not.


As you have seen above, licensing is probably the most important aspect of safe online casinos. Here at DiverJoe we always look for licensing when we recommend casinos to you. The licensing determines not only the legality of the casino but also how reliable it is.

Safe payments

You need to know that the casino you choose allows for safe payment to be made between you and the casino. We only recommend using trusted payment facilitators like Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. Using your debit or credit card is also a good option, but many prefer keeping these payments separate ( which is safer).

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are one of those things that have a huge impact on your gaming experience. These include your wagering requirement, payment processing times and maximum payouts. These terms and conditions are a telltale sign as to the safety of the casino that you are playing at.

Reviews and reputation

Before playing at an online casino you should look at reviews to see what other users have experienced. This is a good way to obtain a clear picture of the casino. When looking at a casino on DiverJoe we have taken this burden out of your hands and you can be sure that all the casinos mentioned here have good standing. Take a look at these wonderful casinos here!

Data protection

Online businesses face the problem of being attacked by hackers. This is why these businesses have to take extra steps to ensure the data that they handle is secure. This is done by using SSL encryption which makes intercepting of data impossible. We therefore always recommend only choosing sites that use SSL encryption.

Guide: How to quickly check if the casino is safe

If you are still uncertain on what process to follow to determine the safety of a casino the I have compiled an easy how to guide to assists you. Give these steps a go and you should be in the clear in finding a safe online casino!
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Safe online casinos in Australia
See whether the casino is licensed. You should by now understand the importance of playing at a licensed casino. This is your first step in determining whether the casino is safe. Step 1
Safe online casinos in Australia
Ensure the software providers are legit. Safe casinos only use the best software providers to power the games on offer. By using well known brands you will ensure that the games are fair and that they are 100% safe. Step 2
Safe online casinos in Australia
Use your intuition! You should always use your gut feelin to determine the safety of a casinos. When playing online your first impression is usually right! Step 3

If you don’t trust the casino – avoid playing

So now that we know what makes a safe online casino you should be convinced that you should avoid playing at a casino that you do not trust. A t the end of the day you are the last line of defense in identifying and avoiding an unsafe casino. Use your knowledge that you have gained from this article to inform your decision and you should be good to go!

Data theft

If you play at an unsafe casino you could open yourself up to data theft. Data theft may lead to your bank account being compromised, or worse! Casinos that are not safe have the ability to steal your sensitive personal data which is why they should be avoided. This is super important!

Missing pay-outs

A casino that is not safe may even miss your payouts. This is a terrible situation where after winning in one of your favorite games the casino refuses to pay out your winnings. Another situation could be where the casino has unreasonable withdrawal limits or fees. These casinos must be avoided.

Irresponsible Advertising

Gambling is something that shouldn’t be advertised irresponsibly. There are industry standards when it comes to gambling that upholds the integrity of the industry. Safe online casinos use responsible advertising that is ethical. These are casinos that you can trust and where you should sign up.

Rigged games

Online casinos offer their games to players for enjoyment and the possibility of winning real money. This is the foundation of the gaming experience. If the casino games are rigged this defeats the entire purpose of the experience. A casino that has rigged games is nothing more than a scam and is stealing from their customers. These casinos are often found out and blacklisted by the authorities.

Casinos without a license: Benefits & drawbacks

The benefits of playing at a licensed casino have been dealt with in detail above. Casinos are held to a certain standard which ensures that you get exactly what you came for. Fair games, responsible casino operations and an overall enjoyable experienced can be expected from a licensed casino. There aren’t really any benefits to playing at a casino without a license. You lose out on all the protection that is awarded should you choose to play at an unlicensed casino!

Safe Casinos - Always do your research before playing

Always do your research before playing

When signing up at an online casino you should always do intensive research. This goes beyond looking at the site at first glance and thinking it’s a good idea based on what is advertised. The research includes looking through Diverjoe’s recommended casino, looking at other casino reviews around the internet and checking payment, games and site security measures. Take a look at these trusted online casinos here at DiverJoe!

Playing online is safer than playing at a real casino!

If you are worried about safety when playing online, then you are wrong! In actual fact playing at online casinos are safer than playing at brick and mortar casinos for a number of reasons. The first is that online casinos keep a detailed record of all transaction. Your money is incapable of being lost due to negligence from yourself or the staff. Also, the fact that all actions are mostly automated means that you are actually in better hands at online casinos. Theft is no longer a possibility as you are moving numbers around, rather than actual chips!


Now that we have gone into detail about what makes an online casino safe and the benefits of playing at a safe online casino, there is nothing left to do except to sign up and start playing. Using the tools which I have given you, you can now go confidently in your search for the best safe online casino. If you still have any queries there is an abundance of information on DiverJoe for you to look through. Take a look at these safe online casinos and take your pick!

Frequently asked questions about safe and secure casinos

What kind of payment methods are trusted?

There are a number of great payment methods available to players. These include the big names like Paypal, Skrill and Paysafecard. All you have to do is choose one that you feel will provide you the best possible service for what you are doing. Many of these methods are tailored towards online gambling and are recommended by us.

What kind of terms & conditions should a safe casino have?

All casinos have terms and conditions. These are there to protect the casino, in the same way that any business needs protection. Safe casinos have terms and conditions that are clear and easy to understand. These terms should have any hidden clauses that cause confusion to customers.

What describes a safe casino?

A safe casino is one that is licensed by a reputable licensing authority. Look for names like the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK gambling commission. A safe casino has well known payment methods, Top software providers and is completely transparent in their terms and conditions.

Are online casino games safe?

Yes. Online games use random number generators to push outcomes that are fair. These outcomes are always random and acts in the same way as probabilities should, for example, a deck of cards be shuffled by a dealer.

What kind of licenses does an online casino need to be safe?

An online casino needs a license from a legit licensing authority. These are licenses that ensure the casino is safe and secure and that they have enough reserve funds to payout players should they win. Licenses from independent third party’s are also advisable, as they only confirm further that the casino is safe.

What kind of software is safe to use?

Most of the big software providers are safe to use. It is not uncommon to find many casinos using only a few of the top name software providers. These include Netent, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming ( to name a few).

What can happen if a casino doesn’t have proper safety?

There are a number of consequences should a casino not have proper safety meausres. You may find yourself victim to a hack where your personal information is compromised. You could also find yourself playing a game that is rigged for you to lose, which is a terrible situation to be in. » Safe online casinos in Australia – Trusted & licensed online casinos
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