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PayPal has long since been one of, if not the most, successful electronic payment service providers around. This popularity is not limited to online casinos but extends to all transactions that take place online. In this article, I will be taking you through some of the most important Paypal facts that you need to know if you wish to start using it to make your payments at online casinos. First of all, take a look at these great PayPal casinos below!

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What exactly is a PayPal casino?

PayPal is a leading name in online transaction services. One of the great things about PayPal is that it is completely free to use. You will no longer have to pay those pesky monthly fees to have an account and can make payments all around the world without having to insure unreasonable fees!

Paypal is used across multiple industries, but the one that I will be focusing on today is the gambling industry. A Paypal casino is one that has partnered with Paypal so that players can deposit and withdraw directly from their Paypal account.

Using Paypal is very easy. All you will have to do is transfer some funds into your PayPal account, using your debit or credit cards, and these funds can then be used to deposit into your casino account. The benefit of this is that your bank account is kept independent from your online purchases, which is just that much safer!

Paypal casino sites

Advantages and disadvantages when Using PayPal at Online casinos

Everybody knows that PayPal is the biggest online transaction system around. It has stayed true to its routes by providing the same service that everyone knows and loves and simply tailoring it to the online casino experience. By doing so, PayPal has made deposit and withdrawing from online casinos super simple. But it is not always sunshine and roses. As with anything there must also be some cons to using the service. In the section below I will be taking a look at the ups and downs of using PayPal at online casinos!


  • Most people already have PayPal, making it an easy choice.
  • Easily connected to your personal bank.
  • Your online funds and your personal funds are kept independent from one another.
  • Paypal has a reputation spanning over 20 years, with hardly any significant complaints.


  • Not available in certain areas.
  • If you are using Paypal for the first time you may bot be able to withdraw from your PayPal account because of withdrawal limits

Why use Paypal at online casinos?

Paypal is a great choice when it comes to online casinos. There are a number of benefits that comes with using Paypal. The number one, and most obvious reason, is that you will have the benefit of separating your personal account from your online banking. This is much safer than throwing around your personal infuriation and the bank account where you keep all your savings. When gambling it is also advisable to separate your accounts, as it will make keeping track of how much you are spending much easier.

Signing up at Paypal is so easy. All you need to provide is your email address and you are good to go. There are no sign-up fees whatsoever! On top of this, it is super simple to connect your personal debit or credit card to Paypal, making accessing your winnings super quick. PayPal’s reputation is held in very high regard. When using PayPal you will always know that your money is safe and that the highest safety measures are being implemented.

Alternatives: Other casino deposits methods than PayPal

Paypal is just one out of many great payment methods available. It is, therefore, necessary for me to tell you about these methods so that you can decide on which one you think is the best for you. The other thing with Paypal is that it is not available to people in certain parts of the world. As a result, I recommend taking a look at these alternative payment methods.


Neteller is a great choice for those wanting to create an account fast, upload funds and start making payments. This is a great option for casino goers as you will be able to make secure online transfers without any hidden fees.


What used to be called moneybookers, is now known as Skrill. This company has the goal of making online payments across the internet simple. Their unique selling point is that they promise to make it as low cost as possible, which is why over 23 million people use it today. As a online casino goer you do not want your bank to take more fees than is reasonable. This is why Skrill is a great option.


Trustly is an awesome method if you are looking to streamline your casino experience. With Trust you will be able to make payments, directly with your debit or credit card, without having to give out your details to the online merchant. Another great thing about this method is that you do not have to register an account in order to use it.


Paysafecard is your go to option if you want a simple way to make payments online, without literally zero risk. All you have to do is load money onto your paysafecard, and you will be given a voucher together with a unique pin. This voucher is then used to make all your payment online, including at online casinos. This method is very safe as you can control exactly what happens with your pre paid funds.

Pay by Phone bill

Many players today like keeping things simple. You are now able to use your phone bill to load funds onto your card! All you have to do is authorise the payment and it will be taken off your phone contract at the end of the month. This is a great way for mobile gamblers to make deposits.

The Best Paypal Casino Sites in Australia May 2023

Safety and security when using PayPal at online casinos

By using Paypal at an online casino, players are afforded loads of protection. This is protection that can be expected from a company of this size and with their global reach. Some of these security measures include data encryption, fraud protection and buyer protection measures. Paypal only partners up with casinos that have a solid reputation. This is why you can instantly spot a reliable casino, simply by looking at whether Paypal has partnered with them!

How to make online casino PayPal deposits

Loading funds onto your casino account using PayPal is by far the easiest way to do it online. The company has been around so long that they have truly crafted the PayPal system to work efficiently. If you are wanting to utilise this system to make payment into your casino account, follow the easy how too guide below.
Estimated time needed: 00:04 Tools needed: DiverJoe’s great casino lists Supply needed: Money
Select the deposit option at the PayPal casino.
Select the deposit option at the PayPal casino. At the casino there is always a deposit funds button, usually at the top right of the screen. Once you have found this section you need to select PayPal as the deposit option. Step 1
Select PayPal.
Select PayPal. If you chose the casino from the diverge list of PayPal casinos ten you should be able to select PayPal from here. Once you select payola you will be required to login, using your login details, in order to confirm the transaction. Step 2
Complete the PayPal deposit.
Complete the PayPal deposit. Once you have selected the amount that you want to deposit you can then confirm this on the PayPal page. The funds should reflect immediately, ready for you to play your favourite game! Step 3

Don’t have a PayPal account? – How to sign up:

If you do not have a PayPal account, but you want to sign up, then the good news is that Paypal has one of the easiest sign-up procedures around. As long as you have an email address you are good to go.

PayPal Slots & Live Casino

As mentioned before, casinos that accept PayPal deposits are usually legit casinos with a very good reputation. This is because of the fact that PayPal only chooses top affiliates themselves with casinos that wouldn’t drag their name down, should any mischievous activity occur. These top casinos always partner with the best software providers that offer top slots. When you see names like Microgaming and Netent together with names like Paypal you immediately know that you are playing at a top-line casino!

Paypal Slots and Live Casino


Paypal has been around since 1998, which gives the company over 20 years of experience with managing online payments. Its is safe to assume that they know exactly what they are doing as the 200 million active users would surely agree. Using Paypal has long since been a go-to for online casino goers. The ease with which you use the PayPal service makes online transactions super simple. It also makes accessing your funds a breeze. You can either use your winnings to purchase more good online. straight from your PayPal account, or you can transfer the funds directly into your personal bank account. DiverJoe defiantly recommends this versatile payment method. So take a look str these Paypal casinos here!

Frequently asked questions about PayPal Casinos (FAQ)

How do I create a Paypal account?

In order to create a PayPal account all you need is a valid email address. Once you have this the sign up process is very simple and all that is then required is for you to verify yourself which takes no time at all. Head to the PayPal website and select the sign up button.

Is there a limit to how much can I withdraw and deposit?

When you first sign up at Paypal there is a withdrawal limit, as a safety measure. This withdrawal only applies to money being sen from Paypal to a bank account but not to money sent to another PayPal user. All other transactions are limited to $10 000.00, which shouldn’t be a problem unless you are high roller. To my knowledge there is no deposit limi with Paypal.

Are there any fees associated when using PayPal for Casino deposits?

There are no fees associated with deposits through PayPal. With regards to withdrawals, there is a usual transaction cost that applies, which is reflected as a percentage of the transaction. It is important to double check the terms and conditions as each casino has their own policies in place.

Are PayPal Casinos safe?

Yes, PayPal Casinos are the safest casinos that you can pay at. This is because PayPal is a brand that only partners with trusted sites. These sites have a good reputation and will not scam you.

What are the payout times with PayPal?

Deposits are instantaneous. This is one of the benefits of using this payment system. When it comes to withdrawals it may take some time to process. This processing time is usually from the casino side, and once the funds reflect in your PayPal account they will be ready for use. » Payment » PayPal Casinos – Australian online casinos that accept PayPal
Last updated: 27/03/2023