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This page is to tell you more about our advertisement policies and disclosure of how we generate revenues on our website. As we do proclaim to be guardians of transparency to our users and show unbiased, factual and correct information about online casinos, we do exactly the same about our own advertising policies and how we generate revenues on our website. This article is about this topic in more detail. We hope that this will give you a better understanding and clarity of our operations. accepts advertising, but we maintain a strict and clear separation between advertising and editorial content. We pay special attention to featuring advertising in a way that will not interfere with your reading experience. Not only in relation to page design and to the number of ads we choose to present on any given article.

How we make money

The only way to keep the website free and continue to create exceptional content to our users is by partnering with advertisers and partners who are looking to reach these users. These partnerships can take a number of different forms, which we have tried to explain to the best extend possible below. We want to emphasize that these partnerships, advertorial content and sponsorships has NO influence on our content or information provided to our users. It is, our first priority to keep our users engaged, informed and satisfied with the website, as without our vast number of users entering the website every day, we would not have any business at all.

It is important to us, to have editorial independence to not spread false information, particularly in regards to our reviews, recommendations, content on articles and our lists displayed on our website. So, with that mentioned, we do engage in the following advertising and partnerships:

Affiliate links to partners

When you enter our website on any given article, it will most likely contain a list of different online casinos. As for most of these online casinos we do have an affiliate agreement with, meaning, that we do receive a commission when someone clicks on the affiliate link on the list and is redirected to the webpage of the chosen online casino. These affiliate agreements can take different forms and have different kinds of terms and conditions, but the main point is, that we do earn a commission.

Comparison lists displaying partners

As mentioned above, we do on most of our articles have a comparison list / table, which displays the different online casino providers. While we do only list the providers that are most relevant to the search query that the user has made (example: if the user has entered the PayPal casinos article, he is looking for online casinos that accept Paypal, then we only list those casinos that actually have Paypal), but the order of these providers can be dependent on what advertising agreement we have with these. This does not mean, that we will list any badly reviewed online casinos, but it will result in the fact that the best paying partners will surface higher in the comparison lists / tables, as long as they match the users search query and what they are looking for. It is important to note that these are NOT editorially selected.

Here is an example below:

Example of comparison lists displaying partners

Example of number 1 partner and 2, where we might have the partner listed higher that pays more as long as they match the users search query and the user gets what they are looking for.

Position sales on the website

When it comes to our lists / tables displayed on our website, we do also sometimes engage in selling a certain position to a given advertisement partner. This will be clearly stated with a “sponsored” tag to make the users aware that it is a sponsored position. By selling these positions, we do receive a fixed commission regardless if users clicks it or not.

Conclusion of disclosure

As we have tried to explain in this Advertising Disclosure, we want you to be aware that we DO EARN A COMMISSION and generate revenue on this website. Again, this is to continue to provide free content and great information to our users, although without compromising any of our editorial standards to remain an unbiased, independent and transparent comparison website to the benefit of our users.

Advertising disclosure FAQs

How does the site make money?

We earn a small commission from affiliate links featured on our site. When a player clicks on them, the online casino in question pays us the commission – the player does not lose out in any way. This money helps us maintain the site, pay staff salaries and reinvest in making the site better.

Do you earn money from comparison lists?

In a way. We earn money from affiliate links, as mentioned above. However, we determine which online casinos get featured more heavily and higher up the lists by how much they are willing to pay in commission. More information on this is included in the article above.

Are your casino comparisons 100% unbiased?

Yes. While we do feature online casinos and earn money from them via affiliate links, the online casinos have no say over our editorial content. In this way, our readers can be assured that our online casino reviews and other editorial content are honest and free from commercial bias. » Advertising disclosure
Last updated: 31/07/2022