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Who we are and what we do

Diverjoecasino.com is an informative comparison website/service about online casinos. We are not an online casino and don’t offer any such services. Also, the website is intended for people living abroad or outside Australia. We solely test, review and gather information about all Australian online casinos. We then display this information objectively and factually to our users. Our other main objective is to be an independent source of news about the Australian online casino industry.

Our mission and vision

The website was founded in 2020 with the mission to create transparency in the Australian iGaming/Gambling market. We also want to provide correct, up-to-date information to the users before they choose where to play slots and other casino games. Our main goals are to simplify, educate and guide our users as accurately as possible.

You can view us as an online casino comparison site. In other words, like when you search for a hotel, you might use hotels.com or similar comparison services to find the best option for your needs. We do exactly the same. The only difference is that we compare online casinos, not hotels.

Our thousands of users come from many different backgrounds. Some are just starting their online casino experience and are finding out which Australian gambling operators are available. Others are experienced casino users, blackjack players, sports bettors or industry veterans. They are looking for specific games, payment providers, wagering requirements, bonus terms, support options or other details in order to improve their knowledge and find particular information. No matter who they are, we are here to help.

How we make money and affiliate disclaimer

The website is an affiliate website. This means that we earn a small amount of commission when our users sign up at an online casino via our site. It works in exactly the same way as affiliate links to Amazon help to keep product reviewers afloat. We use this commission to cover our running costs, pay our employees, authors and contributors, and above all else, reinvest to improve our website and it’s content.

You might wonder how we can remain fully independent if we are receiving commissions from partners listed on our website. Well, our featured partners have and never will have a say in what we write. We will never compromise on the quality, transparency and editorial standards of our content. After all, our users rely on accurate information to make informed decisions and that will always be our main goal. In the spirit of honesty and openness, however, we feel that it’s important to know how the website is funded.

You can read more information about these topics on our Advertising disclosure page.

Our editorial team, authors and contributors

We pride ourselves on having a talented and experienced editorial team. Currently, we have six full-time staff working together as writers, editors and fact-checkers. We also employ the services of contributors from around the world. You can find details about all of our team members, as well as their online casino background, experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, by reading about our authors.

Careers and working for us

We are a fast-growing company. Therefore, we’re always on the lookout for motivated, inspiring and talented individuals to come work with us. To learn more, please visit our Careers page.

Awards and nominations from the industry

We’ve won several awards since the time we founded the website, and we’ve been nominated for many others. Here’s a list of some of the notable highlights from the last couple of years:

SiGMA Affiliate of the Year 2022
EGR Operator Awards 2021 (Shortlisted)
EGR Power Affiliate 2021 (Shortlisted)
ASG Awards 2021 (Shortlisted)
EGR Nordics Awards 2021 (Shortlisted)

Our website in numbers

We love writing content about online casinos in Australia. With just six people on our team, we’ve already created a wealth of useful casino guides and iGaming news articles. On top of that, we’ve reviewed close to 100 online casinos for Aussie players and around the same number of slots and pokies. Since launching the site, we’ve also blacklisted four online casinos that fell short of our standards and expectations.

Our editorial standards

Our mission is to simplify all the complex information about online casinos. We then present this information in a transparent, open and honest fashion to our users. Our goal is to give a user enough confidence to make an informed choice instead of blindly registering with an online casino provider. With that said, our core editorial standards are to gather, write and publish unbiased information about online casinos. We include information on bonus terms, wagering requirements, online slots and table game options, payment providers, deposit limits, withdrawal times, customer support options, language selection, security procedures, site owners and all other relevant statistics and useful knowledge.

In addition, our content is guided by the Society for Professional Journalists’ foundation of ethical journalism, which “strives to ensure a free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough”. We do also aim to uphold the Codes of Ethics of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW).

We do ongoing evaluations across our website to detect if any articles contain information that is outdated. Our expert editorial team and our professional network of contributors have a structured editorial standard and way of working for each article. This is why each article includes the name, a brief description, and a link to more information about the person who contributed to the piece. The published date indicates when the article was published, the review date indicates when it was reviewed, and the fact-checking date indicates when it was fact-checked.

In other words, all articles have been optimized through three different people: the editor, the expert and the fact checker. You can read more about this structured process below, which consists of three pillars: publishing, reviewing and fact-checking.


This is the first phase of our editorial standards. The publishing phase is all about writing, researching and gathering relevant information to create a professional article about a given topic. This is completed by our in-house authors who work very closely with the website in general and are the main stakeholders.


This is the second phase of our editorial standards. The reviewing phase is usually completed by an industry expert who possesses vast experience within their area of expertise. Their objective is to review the published content and assure that it is factual, objective, transparent and well written, without any errors. These authors possess deep subject matter expertise in the given topic we assign to them.


The last and third phase of our editorial standards is all about our professional editors fact-checking the statistics, numbers, details and information we are giving to our users. These fact-checkers can add their own contributions to articles, and they are usually hired from our vast professional network. In short, this is the final piece of the puzzle that ensures all of our articles are accurate and informative.

Perspective and inclusive content

Our aim is to reflect as many opinions, backgrounds and perspectives when publishing to be objective and neutral. We are advocates of free speech, hence we do consider perspectives such as ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, race, socioeconomic background, political opinion and many other points of view to serve our diverse readership. Our commitment is to be factual and to be transparent. Hence, the authors in our editorial team undergo extensive education and onboarding procedures to ensure our guidelines about objectivity and inclusive content are followed.


Accuracy and transparency are the core values of our website. This is why our authors and editorial team make corrections to our website continuously. Our rich library of content is routinely checked for spelling errors and factual mistakes to ensure complete, accurate, relevant and up-to-date information. All our articles are systematically checked, reviewed and verified. However, the news section is not usually updated in the same way. News articles usually cover a distinct event in time, which means the stories are not part of our routine update process.

Our commitment to accountability is taken seriously, so if you do find any incorrect information, data or other mistakes, feel free to contact us. If you believe you have found a factual error in our content, please contact us here, and we will investigate and take the appropriate actions.

Trademarks, copyrights and license

All rights, copyrights, licenses and trademarks to content, text, code, images, icons, videos and other intangible assets displayed on the website are the sole property of the Company. Furthermore, it should be noted that this site is intended for people living abroad or outside Australia.

Contact us

If you have questions, comments or suggestions you would like to share, we look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to reach out to us by visiting our Contact us page.

About Us FAQs

What is the main DiverJoeCasino mission?

Our main purpose is to provide factual and accurate information about the Australian online casino market. We also provide guides for players looking to play slots, table games and more. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being an up-to-date and informative source of news about Australian online casinos.

What is DiverJoe Casino's main area of expertise?

Between all of our staff, we have decades of experience within the Australian iGaming industry. Therefore, we apply this knowledge to our expert online casino reviews and provide our readers with everything they need to know about their options. We supplement this with player guides for casino games.

How does DiverJoeCasino make money?

We are an online casino affiliate site. That means that we primarily earn money from a small commission when players find online casinos via our affiliate links. It should be noted, however, that this in no way affects our opinions given about online casinos. We remain 100% unbiased at all times.

How can I trust the opinions of DiverJoeCasino?

Our team is made up of iGaming experts with many years of experience between us. We use this knowledge to provide unbiased, honest and factual online casino reviews and player guides. We also update our content regularly to ensure accuracy and we stay on top of the latest online casino industry news.

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