Free bets & betting bonus – Find the best betting offers in Australia

Betting bonuses can boost your bankroll with ease. You can use these bonuses to even win and withdraw from online casinos if you use it right. However, with the barrage of betting bonuses available today, it can be challenging for punters to choose the right one. Some players don’t even know the first things about these bonuses, which is crucial if you want to utilize all they offer.

This is why our experts at Diver Joe have decided to teach you everything you need to know about these bonus bet offers. You will learn what they are and which betting sites or bookmakers provide you with the best options.

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What are Free Bets?

You may consider free bets as a chance to bet and get paid if you land a win without risking your cash. This may sound unbelievable, but many online bookmakers offer free bets. In most cases, you are eligible for a free bet when you first register with a bookmaker.

A free bet is the amount of cash a bookmaker credits in your account. With this cash, you can bet on specific betting markets or types of bets. Unlike the typical bet, if you lose a free bet, you don’t lose any money. If you manage to land a win, you receive the profit, but in contrast to regular bets, you don’t get back your stake.

Free bets and betting bonus - the best betting offers in Australia

Getting Free Bets

When you head to the bookmaker of your choice, you can find the current bonus offers and free bets on their promotions page. Note that all bookmakers have their specific terms and conditions attached to these free bets and bonuses.

Once you click any of the current offers through your mobile or desktop, you will be redirected to create a new account and sign up. Fill in the details, and your free bets should reflect in your credit balance.

The good news is that we have done the difficult part for you and put a list of the best bookmakers to check out on this page.

What is a betting bonus?

Betting bonuses are bonuses betting sites offer to players who deposit or sign up to their website. These gifts range from more cash to bet with, free plays, and so on. In most cases, you are more likely to come across matching deposits and sign-up bonuses, among many others.

Most bookmakers use free bonus bet to draw in new players and manage the old ones. For instance, they may use an appealing welcome bonus for new players and offer free bets and other special offers to existing players. But you need to note that these bonuses are not entirely free. The bookmarker wants something in return, and this is usually to get one to register or keep betting for a long time.

Many of these bookmakers also attach some terms and conditions to these bonuses, which may make it tricky to achieve. You must check out the T&Cs before you choose. All the bookmakers present on our list have reasonable T&Cs, so you can play in anyone without hassles.

Different types of free bets & Betting bonuses

Betting bonuses and free bets come in various forms. They all offer different results, so it’s best to understand each one and the benefits that come with each. There are bonuses for every situation, all of which align with specific needs and requirements.

This section will be looking into some of the most common free bets and betting bonuses you may come across in bookmarkers. When you are through, you will be able to tell the difference between each and choose the ideal one for your needs.

Risk-Free bets

This is a type of bonus offer you get when you place your first wager with a sportsbook. If you lose the bet, you will get a bonus bet that is the same value as your initial wager. This means you get your money back even if you don't win the bet. However, if you decide to play with the bonus you receive and lose the bet again, you lose your money.

For instance, let us assume you place an initial wager of $100 and lose; you get a credit of $100 back to your account. If you then decide to bet with the bonus of $100 after you lose, and you win, you will get a bonus of $100 back, along with your win of $100. Then, if you choose to withdraw your earnings, you can.

Matched Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus bet is similar to free bets, except that it offers more flexibility. Some sportsbook refers to this bonus as registration bonus or first deposit bonus. But it works exactly how the match bonus does.

So, how does it work?

For instance, if you are a new player to a sportsbook who deposits $500, the sportsbook will give you a bonus of $500 to match your deposit. However, it allows you to use your $500 bonus how you want without any restrictions. The same applies if you deposit $50 or $100.

However, in most situations, this deposit usually comes with a time limitation. You will need to trigger and use the bonus cash within 30 days of being credited. If you fail to do so, it expires. This may be a let-down for people who like to take their time.

Matched Free Bets

Matched free bets are sometimes called free bet matched offers. It is similar to the matched deposit bets save for a few changes. Here, your initial bet qualifies you for the offer, but you need to meet a fixed deposit amount. You can always find this amount in the terms and conditions.

If you don’t meet this amount, you won’t get the no risk matched betting bonus. In most cases, the headline amount is the max, so if a sportsbook has a headline that says bet $50 and get $50 free, you will need to bet $50 to get matched $50. If you bet $30, you won't get the bonus either.

You also need to keep an eye out for other terms that make you eligible. In some cases, the first bet may need to be on specific sports or odds. Try to understand the terms and conditions for the best results.

Profit Boost

Profit boosts are easy to decipher from the name. They are a boost to your profit. So, you get a specific percentage added to any profit you make in the bookmarker. The offer could be double or triple the profit you make from your initial bet or bets up to a specific amount.

The highest amount of profit a boost can offer you is usually restricted to a specific amount. This is what you will get alongside your winnings, but you need to note that they come with time and event restrictions.

Here are a few examples of these bonuses:

• 200% profit boost on your initial bet
• 100% profit boost on any bet
• 400% boost if you bet on Arsenal to win today

No Deposit betting bonus

Sportsbet no deposit bets are free cash offered to you when you first register in a new betting site. But as the name implies, you don't need to deposit any cash to get this bonus. These bonuses are very popular since they allow players to win bonuses without any risk to their cash. The amount of cash you get from a no deposit betting bonus differs, but it is not always high. In most cases, it falls between $5 and $10.

Like other kinds of bonuses, you will need to meet some specific wagering requirements to get your winnings from a free bet no deposit bonus. For instance, the betting site may require you to stake your winnings a specific number of times before you can access them.

E.g., 2x wagering requirements: You must stake your winnings no less than twice before you get cash from your bet no deposit.

Cashback bonus

Here, if you place a bet and lose on a specific day, you get refunded a specific percentage. This promotion aims to reward loyal bettors on a specific platform and is not one that is usually promoted frequently. Bettors can be told that they will get 10-30% of their losses refunded to them on a specific day, the next day. For instance, get 30% of all losses on Thursday back on Friday. This kind of offers them a pass if they experience a losing streak.

This is a great and thoughtful bonus for any person who bets regularly, as losing streaks can't be completely avoided. With this bonus, bettors can have a little relief during those days as it helps increase bankroll that may have dropped on that day.

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Why should you choose a free bet or betting bonus

Many bettors are unaware of the benefits that come with free bets or betting bonuses. For this reason, they don’t look out for it, while some ignore it entirely. However, taking advantage of these bonuses can be of huge benefit to you. First, it is a great way to boost your bankroll and bet on your favorite team without you risking your cash. This means you can have fun, win more, and still save cash that you will invest in betting on other sports.

However, this is only one of the benefits you get from this bonus. There are many more, and we will be looking into the major ones below.

Try out a new bookmaker

Betting bonuses and free bets are great ways to try out a new bookmarker. For instance, when a bookmarker credits your account with some free bet credit, you can use it to play on the betting site. The great part is that it gives you the chance to try out different games and understand if the site is for you since it comes at no risk.

If you are unhappy with the platform, you can simply close it and move somewhere else without any hard feelings. Since you don’t use your real money, your cash remains intact, and you lose nothing.

You can go ahead to open an account on as many betting sites as possible. With the sign up bonus bets, you can try out various bookmakers until you find one that suits your play style. The moment you understand how the bookmaker works, along with their game offering, and decided the best stakes for you, then you can deposit your cash.

All that is left is to choose the account of a betting site you had the most fun with and play for real.

Have some extra quid for the big game

Choosing a free bet or betting bonus is also a great way to save up for a big game. For instance, let’s presume your favourite team is playing soon, and you are very certain of the winning odds. But what if you don’t have enough cash to stake and land the huge win you are after? Well, these bonuses can help.

With a free bet and betting bonus, you can rack up as much free credits and cash as possible on several bookmakers. Then, after you have amassed enough, you can use the extra cash to bet on your favourite team. As you know, the more you bet in the world of gambling, the higher your chances of winning big. This means that additional cash you rack up can ensure you get the best wins in a bookmaker.

Guide: How to find and pick one the best free bets and betting bonuses.

The number of betting platforms offering betting bonuses and free bets to players that sign up on their site is numerous. But, some of them are only out to swindle you of your hard-earned cash. To make sure this does not happen to you, we have put together a list of the top betting bonuses and free best for Australian players to enjoy in the most reputable bookmakers. Nonetheless, it is still best that you do your due diligence before settling for an offer. Read on to learn about tips that can help you locate the best betting bonuses and free bet offers.
Estimated time needed: 00:15 Tools needed: Diver Joe’s List Supply needed: Money
Best free bets and betting bonuses by DiverJoe
Locate a reliable bookmaker. All bookmakers claim to be the best, making it a rigorous hurdle for players to choose. However, on our list, we have included offers from the most reliable bookmakers, which we have reviewed extensively. Some of the areas we analyzed include payment speed and options, customer service, security, etc. Step 1
Best free bets and betting bonuses by DiverJoe
Make a comparison between all the bonus offers and free bets. After choosing some of your top choices in our list, the next step is to compare all of the free bets and bonuses. Simply choose what best resonates with you and begin to enjoy some of the most impressive bonuses and free bets. Step 2
Best free bets and betting bonuses by DiverJoe
Sign up and enjoy your bonus Now is the time to reap the fruits of your search. Sign up and register in the bookmaker you settle for and start to enjoy your bonuses and free bets. You can begin by betting in any event or sport you desire. However, don't forget that gambling should be fun and always stick with a budget. If you find yourself playing longer than you should or on a losing streak, get up and head home. You will have a better chance if you come back feeling energized and refreshed. Step 3

Getting Free Bets & Betting bonuses: The good and the bad

Free bets and betting bonuses are amazing and offer you tons of benefits. However, just like any good thing in the world today, it also comes with its negative sides. Understanding both aspects of each can help you leverage them the right way and know what you are in for. Below, we will be looking into some of the major benefits and drawbacks of free bets and betting bonuses.


  • You get to bet risk-free without having to lose any of your cash.
  • It is a good way to try out a new bookmaker or bet on a new sport without worrying about losses.
  • Free spins and betting bonuses help you earn more cash, which you can use to bet big and win big on your favorite sport or event.
  • They are very easy to find. There are tons of betting platforms offering betting bonuses to new customers.


  • You can’t withdraw your wins straightaway.
  • They sometimes come with tedious wagering requirements.
  • Betting bonuses and free spins urge you to bet more and spend more than you planned.
  • Not all betting bonuses are lucrative. Some of them offer very little amounts.

Read the terms and conditions

Numerous betting websites provide players with a variety of free bets and betting bonuses. However, each one comes with its requirements, and there can be a huge difference in their terms and conditions.

Sometimes, the terms and conditions vary based on the kind of welcome bonus you decide to go with. This means it is crucial that you thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions before you make a choice. Some aspects of the terms and conditions are more important than others, and you need to pay more attention to them. Below, we will be looking into a few of them.

Wagering requirements

A wagering requirement is the number of times a betting site needs you to wager your initial bonus earnings before you can get your winnings. This requirement tends to differ between bonuses, and you must meet them before you can claim any winnings. Some may be 1-5, while others may be 10-15 times. Ensure you read and understand this before you choose.

Cap on winnings
Some bonuses come with a maximum amount you can win, especially in bonuses like profit boosts. For instance, you may not be able to get a bonus of more than 100% of your stake. Ensure you find out if there is any max amount attached to the bonus you want to choose.

Minimum Odds
Minimum odds are the least odds you can wager to transform your bonus into cash. This means if you don’t bet using the minimum odds, you may be unable to get your winnings. Not all bonuses come with minimum odds, so you may want to determine if the free bets or bonus you settle for do.

Specific events
There are bonus bet offers and free bets that can only work for a specific event. I.e., a match between Chelsea and Manchester United holding on a particular day. You need to use your bonus on that match, or it becomes invalid. This is because it can’t work for any other event. Find out if your free bet or bonus is for a specific event, and if it is, ensure you use it before it expires.

Free bets and bonuses

Conclusion: What to expect of Free Bets and Bonuses in Australia

Many betting sites offer the best bets today in Australia. You can expect only the best and profitable free bets and bonuses if you choose the right betting site in Australia. Many people tend to make a mistake as they end up going with an unreliable betting platform. However, if you check out Diver joe’s list of top bookmakers, you will be in safe hands. All the options we provide are vetted by our experts and provide only the most profitable free bets and bonuses.

Frequently asked questions about betting bonuses

Are Free bets and bonuses fake?

No, they are not. If you go with one of our recommended bookmakers, you will get only the best free bets and bonus offers. These can help boost your earnings, which you can use to bet for your favorite team.

How fast will I get my free bets?

This is dependent on the betting website. However, in most cases, you get it immediately after your first deposit or first bet.

Can I get free bets for football?

Yes, you can get free bets for football and any other sport of your choice.

What can I use my free bet and betting bonus for?

You can use your free bet and betting bonus to try out new bookmakers or new games. You can also use it to bet on your favorite sport. However, this is dependent on the terms and conditions of the betting site

Can I withdraw potential winnings from a free bet?

Yes, you can. But in some cases, you may need to meet specific wagering requirements to achieve this. Ensure you check out the betting site’s terms and conditions before you proceed.

Who can get free bets and betting bonuses?

Anyone who registers and deposits money in a betting website with free bets and betting bonuses on offer can get them. » Betting » Free bets & betting bonus – Find the best betting offers in Australia
Last updated: 28. August 2023