Free Pokies – Find the top free online pokies in Australia 2023

Playing free pokies is the best way to learn the game before playing for real money. What’s more, many free online pokies today let you win real money, which is an additional benefit. However, the problem many people may face is the inability to find the best casinos to play free pokies and the pokies to play for the best results. We have done the hard work for you, and we will be introducing the most popular free pokie games, the top casinos to play them, free pokies with the highest jackpots and payouts, etc.

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Top free pokies Australia

4 tips: Maximize your winnings on Australian free Pokies

If you decide to play free pokies in Australia, you need to understand how to maximize your winnings first. Failure to do this will result in you playing pokies without landing any winning combination. Many new players have experienced this because they did not take the step to learn how to maximize winnings first.

To make sure this does not happen to you, we have compiled a few tips to help you achieve this. We will cover every one of them below.

Step 1: Have a Look at the payout percentage

The payout percentage is also known as Return to player percentages or RTP. It is the amount the pokie machine offers back to players after spins. This means it can have a major influence on how often you land winning combinations and how much you win – making it one of the most important things to check out.

Free online pokies come with different payout percentages. However, it is usually between 85% – 99%. Ideally, you want to go for pokies with an RTP of 96% and above because those with lower payouts mean lower chances of winning, while those with higher payouts offer you higher chances of winning. Most games list the RTP in the paytable, but if you have issues finding it, simply searching google with the pokie name+ RTP will get you the information you seek.

Step 2: Go through game reviews

Game reviews are one of the most important tools in your arsenal. They can show you hidden tricks and strategies that you can implement when playing a specific pokies game. You can also find out all the features of a pokies game and how to leverage each one.

Game reviews are written by actual players who have played the pokie and experienced everything it has to offer. These players have made mistakes and offer you information, so you avoid their mistakes.

Reading game reviews is like seeing the answers to an exam before it starts. By reading reviews, you are better prepared and have the upper hand because you already know what to do.

Step 3: Withdraw smaller winnings

Free pokies in Australia are fun to play, especially when you are winning. However, some people get carried away at this point and continue to rack up winnings in the hopes of earning a larger amount. This strategy will only lead to losses eventually.

You need to remember that the casino always has an edge, and the more you play, the higher the chances of you losing your money. Do not let greed overcome you – withdraw your smaller earnings instead of waiting for larger ones. The little winnings can amount to larger ones when you combine them.

Advantages of free pokies and why you should play them?

There are many benefits to playing free pokies, but there are drawbacks too. Understanding both will help you decide if playing pokies is the right option for you.


  • Tons of games to choose from
  • It is a great way to try out new games
  • You can play in different casinos for free
  • No fear of losing money


  • There may be wagering requirements to meet
  • Since there is no fear of losing, it takes away the excitement.

Guide: How to find the best free pokies in Australia?

Finding the best free pokies in Australia might be a daunting task if you don’t know what to do. Here, we have put together a guide to make the entire process simpler.
Estimated time needed: 00:07 Tools needed: Diverjoe’s free pokies lists Supply needed: Time
Choose a Casino from our list
Choose a Casino from our list Look for an online casino on our list and register. Step 1
Step 2
Choose your free pokies. Pick the free pokies you want to play and start playing. Step 2
Land Winning combinations Spin the reels and land winning combinations. When you meet any set requirements, withdraw your earnings. Step 3

Free pokies on mobile and tablet

If you are never in one location for a long time, then free mobile pokies are your best bet. These free pokies have been designed to work on your smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The gameplay is the same as you would get on a PC version but a smaller screen.

Free pokies function on mobile devices using both IOS and Android. Today, most of the free pokies give you access to the same payment systems, design, and features you love on the PC version. So why else should you play free pokies on mobile? Let us find out:

Top 5 Free Mobile Pokies
The following are the top free pokie games you can play on your mobile today:

Mobile online pokies in Australia

Different types of free online pokies

Free pokies are all pokies, but they have some slight differences. These differences majorly reflect in the plot, theme, and storyline. However, beyond this, they have different features, paylines, and reels.

Here, we will be looking into the common types of free online pokies you can find in online casinos today.

3-reel pokies

These types of pokies try to stay as close to the original pokies machines. They are simple and ideal for people looking for something straight to the point. In most instances, they don’t come with bonuses, and if they do, they are very minimal. 3-reel pokies tend to have between 1 to 5 paylines which can still offer players great winning chances.

Speaking of graphics, 3-reel pokies also keep things simple, and the same applies to recent releases. 3-reel pokies tend to attract more new players because of their gameplay and simple design. They make a great choice for any person who wants to play without dealing with the hurdles that come with bonuses.

5-reel pokies

5-reels are extremely popular, and most free pokies fall into this category. However, unlike the 3-reel pokies, this option can have more than 50 paylines. This is because the number of reels gives the developers a chance to add more winning combinations and paylines.

What’s more, free pokies in this category allow players to win from numerous directions, including horizontally, zig-zag, diagonally, and even from the middle. As you know, higher paylines mean more chances of landing winning combinations, which is what makes this game a go-to option for many players.

Players who love games with amazing graphics will also enjoy the 5-reel free pokies as they have more advanced graphics, animation, and sound than the 3-reel free pokies.

Mobile pokies

These free pokies are created for players who are always on the move and want to play free pokies. Pokies in this category can adapt to the screen of mobile devices, including smaller ones like smartphones and larger ones like tablets. This is the case regardless of if the device runs on IOS or Android.

Sometimes, free mobile pokies may have a dedicated app or function via the browser. Some pokies come with the two options, so players can choose any one that best suits their needs. As mobile gadgets continue to become more popular, so does the popularity of mobile pokies.

Progressive pokies

Free progressive pokies tend to come with massive rewards that can make a difference in players' lives. The wins in progressive jackpots typically span into millions which anybody can win from a single spin.

Unlike all the options we have covered so far, free progressive pokies don’t have a max or fixed jackpot. Instead, the jackpot keeps rising until someone becomes the winner. All online casinos with this pokie are connected, and anytime someone decides to play this pokie, a portion of their stake is added to the contribution. This continues to happen until someone wins the jackpot, and the value resets, and the counter begins once more.

However, even though these pokies offer huge rewards, they are not that easy to win. You will need a bulky bankroll to enjoy progressive pokies.

3D pokies

Free 3D pokies come with numerous features like wild symbols, free spins, scatters, and so on. This is like the 5-reel pokies, save for the huge focus on visuals and animation on the 3D Pokies.

Pokies in this category use 3D graphics that appeal to players. Everything in the pokie is animated and interactive, including the reels and characters. They are also built around a story that can keep anyone attached until it is over. If you enjoy visually appealing, interactive, and engaging pokies, then 3D pokies are your best bet.

Want to play free online pokies?

Free pokies allow you to learn the ropes of a specific game before you invest real money. You can play for free and put together a winning strategy without any charge. Some free pokies also allow you to win and withdraw real money if you meet the wagering requirements. And the best part is that if you don’t like a specific free pokie, you can stop and move to something else with ease.

Many players want to play free pokies but don’t know where to search. If you belong in this category, you can begin by checking out the list of casinos we have reviewed on our list for the best option to play free pokies. All you need to do is register and begin to play for free.

New free pokies

New free pokies are constantly being introduced into the market as the needs of players continue to change. These new pokies offer improved graphics, more bonuses, and extra features that will appeal to modern-day players.

However, the new free pokies are so many that it may be difficult to play each one to find the one you like. If you want to play new free pokies, you don’t have to deal with this level of stress.

Our experts have done this hard part for you and put together 10 of the best new releases you should play today. Let us look at each of them below.

Top 10 Free New and Upcoming Pokies

Free pokies all come from different developers, and each developer does things differently. While some are about features, others are about other things. Here, we will be looking into the most popular providers of free pokies today. If you run into a pokies game from any of these developers, you can be sure of an amazing game experience.

No deposit free pokies

No deposit-free pokies are pokies you can play without having to make a deposit in the casino. You simply head to the casino site, choose the pokies you want to play, and start playing for free. Some casinos may require you to register, while others may not. This is a great option for players who want to quickly glance through numerous pokies games without depositing money.

Below, we will be looking at the top no deposit pokies you can play today.

Top 5 No Deposit Pokies

Free Pokies Online: Play your Best Free Pokies Today

Playing free pokies offers numerous benefits. You get to try out different pokies and online casinos without spending your money. We have ensured the process is easy by providing you with a list of some of the best free pokies you can play today and where to play them.

All the casinos on our list are licensed and will surely give you the best gaming experience. Simply choose the one you like and start playing today.

Frequently asked questions about free Pokies in Australia

Can you win real money when playing at a free pokie casino?

Yes, you can win real money when playing at a free pokie casino. However, you may need to meet specific wagering requirements to withdraw your earnings. Some online casinos may require you to wager the earnings from the free pokies a specific number of times before you can withdraw.

What kind of free pokies are the best?

All free pokies come with varying features, so it is impossible to say which is best. The best one will be dependent on your needs in a free pokie. Nonetheless, you may want to go for those with numerous bonus features and a high RTP.

Is it legal to play free pokies in Australia?

Yes, it is legal to play free pokies in Australia. In fact, free pokies are one of the most popular games you can find in Australian online casinos. You can play free pokies in addition to other traditional games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, and so on.

How many free spins are players given when playing free pokies?

The number of free spins given when playing free pokies is not fixed. This may differ depending on the online casino you choose. Some online casinos may offer you 10, while others may offer you 15. This is why it is important to check out the promotions page before you settle for an online casino.

What is RTP?

RTP is also known as Return to Player Percentage. It is the amount of cash wagered that goes back to the player after spinning for a while. It ranges from 85% to 99%, but it is best to go for games with 96% or more.

How do free pokies work?

They work in a simple manner. Just head to the online casino of your choice and spin. When you land a winning combination, you win. If you don’t like the one you are presently playing or want to try out another, you can move to the next one without spending a penny. » Online-pokies » Free Pokies – Find the top free online pokies in Australia 2023
Last updated: 28. August 2023