No license Casinos 2023: Legal & Safe Casinos without a license

Typically, it is advisable to play in only casinos with licenses from proper local and regulatory bodies. But sometimes casinos opt out of getting a local license for various reasons and remain unlicensed. This does not mean they are no longer safe to play in; they are simply no license casinos.
On this page, we will cover all you need to know about casinos without license, including the types, how to spot them, and other vital information.

What is a casino without license

Some countries require casinos to have a local license from that country before running their operations there. One example is Sweden, which requires casinos to have a valid Swedish gaming license to play. When a casino fails to get this local license, it is a casino without a license.

However, not all these casinos are unlicensed. Some of them usually still have licenses from reliable regulatory bodies like Curacao and the Malte Gaming Authority responsible for checking their activities. So, they are still safe to play in.

Many casinos opt-out of these licenses because it can cost a lot to apply for a local license. New casinos, especially, don’t want to spend too much. What’s more, the government imposes a tax revenue on casinos and bookmarkers, which can further dip into their earnings. Lastly, gaming providers tend to stay away from licensed casino markets because of the extremely high requirements. In turn, casinos tend to avoid them.

The great news is that you can still play in an unlicensed casino. They are not illegal and are perfectly safe. No license casinos also offer more benefits in terms of bonuses and don’t have as many restrictions as their licensed counterparts regarding gameplay.

Casino without Australian license

When a casino does not have an Australian license, it can’t have its website situated in this country. But players from Australia can still play in an online casino without the Australian license so long as the website is not hosted in the country. Since online gambling is not illegal in Australia, you won’t break any laws if you decide to register and play as you wish.

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Playing on casinos without license

Playing in a no license casino is fun since you can play without those strict rules. You also enjoy huge bonuses, among many other benefits. However, they also come with drawbacks. It is ideal to understand both sides of the coin, so you know what you are getting into. Below, we will cover a few pros and cons of playing in no license casinos.


  • Tons of amazing bonuses
  • Fast gameplay
  • Numerous payment options
  • No need for bank verification


  • Payment methods are limited
  • There may be fewer games available
  • Payment may take more time
  • No protection from a gambling commission

Guide: How to play on casinos without license

No license casinos come with numerous benefits, but if you don’t know where to look, you may be unable to find the right one. This guide will teach you how to play on casinos without a license for the best experience.
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How to play on casinos without license - Step 1
Check out Diver Joe’s casino list Head to our list of no license casinos and choose the one you like. Step 1
How to play on casinos without license - Step 2
Make a deposit After choosing a casino of your choice, make your deposit and start playing. Step 2
How to play on casinos without license - Step 3
Play your favorite game Begin playing your favorite casino game. If you win, you stand a chance to clinch lots of rewards. Step 3

Alternatives to no license casinos

If you don’t feel comfortable playing in an unregulated casino, there are alternatives available. You can choose a casino that has a license from one of the top license providers. They will always ensure your safety in these casinos. Some of the top options are covered below.

  1. MGA license: This is known as the Malta Gaming Authority. It is one of the top regulators of online casinos. Before offering its license to a casino, it will do many checks and ensure players are safe and secure on the platform. It will also ensure fair-gameplay and the absence of money laundering on the platform.
  2. Curacao: This is another recognized regulatory body that has been around for a while. It carries out checks on casinos that want its license and always supervises them. This body ensures responsible and fair gaming in casinos with its license.
  3. Gibraltar and Isle of Man: Getting a license from this body is not an easy feat. Casinos need to prove that they can easily perform payouts and engage in other activities to make it easy for players in their casinos. They must also show a business plan and agree to use Gibraltar banks for all their payment transactions.
  4. Alderney Gambling Control Commission: This is also known as the AGCC, another top-rated gaming license provider. Casinos that want a license from this provider must have to follow specific rules and meet international standards. They must submit their software for frequent tests and recent reports of the RTP of all games they offer. They also require online casinos to include a digital clock to their software, which helps keep track of how much a player gambles to ensure responsible gaming.
  5. Kahnawake Gaming Commission: This is a regulatory body that has been around for a while. Its fees are not as much as many regulators, making it a popular option for many online casinos. However, it constantly enforces fair gameplay and responsible gaming in those casinos that opt for its license.

No license casinos understand that players may be a little skeptical about playing on their platform since they have no license. As a result, they try to make up in other ways. This is through the bonuses they offer to players. These casinos offer huge mind-blowing bonuses to players that are usually larger than what you will find in a licensed casino.

Below are some of the common bonuses to expect.

Welcome bonus

This is a common bonus in online casinos. It is a bonus that typically encourages a player to register on a casino. You get this bonus as soon as you register on the no license casino. For instance, a no license casino may offer you $100 for playing any game of your choice as soon as you sign up. The welcome bonus may also include free spins, deposit match bonuses, and so on. However, you will need to deposit some amount of money to get this bonus in most cases.

Free spins bonus

The free spins bonus is amazing for those who enjoy playing slots. With this bonus, you can play your favorite slot game and win real money without risking your cash. Free spins come in different amounts and could be as low as 2, to as high as 40 free spins or more.

Free spins are also a great way to find out if you like a game. You can also use it to understand a game's workings before you decide to play for new money. It is common to see this bonus attached to a recently released slot game to promote the game. For instance, "100 free spins on Gonzo’s Quest today." But online casinos offer free spins as welcome bonuses or loyalty bonuses too.

No deposit bonus

This is a bonus you are bound to come across in most no license casinos. A no deposit casino bonus is different from the other types of bonuses because you don't need to deposit any money to get it. To an extent, it shares some similarities with the welcome bonus, except that this does not require you to leave a deposit.

It may consist of free spins to play your favorite slots or cash bonuses. But you need to read the terms and conditions properly as they tend to come with a high wagering requirement.

Loyalty bonus

The goal of many online casinos is to ensure continuous patronage from players. And one way online casinos do this is to reward this type of patronage using a loyalty bonus. This bonus is for players who have been patronizing the site for a while. Here, players can get gifts like cash prices, vehicles, fancy trips, and many more.

High Roller bonus

In online casinos, some players tend to take more risks and deposit higher than the average players. They are known as high rollers and help online casinos make a ton of money. A high roller bonus is offered to these types of players. They are VIP players, and it offers them access to super-fast customer service, amazing bonuses, frequent cashback, and so on. Online casinos that reward high rollers in this manner have no trouble getting them to play on their platform continuously.

How to tell if a casino has a license or not

Like we discussed earlier, many online casinos opt out of getting a European license or local one due to the huge costs that come with it. Many license providers require a yearly renewal fee, which is stated in their terms and conditions. This is something not many casinos can afford. Also, local licenses require online casinos to pay taxes, making it unappealing to casinos.

So, how can you tell if the casino you want to play in has a license or not? The tips below should help.

  1. Head to the lower part of the online casino’s homepage and search for a gambling commission logo. If it has one, it should be visible here.
  2. Head to the website of the gambling commission. Sometimes, you can click the logo, and you will be redirected to the site. Make sure you confirm that the URL is right.
  3. On the website, there should be a list of all approved online casinos. Look for the casino you are about to play in and ensure it is listed here. This page should also contain the following information:

Taxes on casinos without license

For every country, taxes are important. It makes up a huge part of most countries’ GDP, and as a result, people pay various kinds of taxes. Surprisingly, one of these is on online gambling. It is no longer news that the online gambling sector makes huge returns every other day, but only a little part of this goes to punters. Therefore, there has been a lot of argument among punters regarding the wisdom of tasking their earnings.

Nonetheless, this is a law in most countries, and players need to pay taxes from their winnings. Even though this may seem annoying, it stands. However, this is not the case in areas in EU/EEA. This is because the casino must pay the tax, and it is charged only on revenue and profit instead of winnings.

Still, many players, in a bid to avoid giving up some of their hard-earned money as taxes, would rather go with no license casinos. This is because winnings from these platforms don’t get taxed. Below, we will cover a few countries that collect tax on winnings and those that don’t. This will help you make an informed decision regarding where you want to play.

Countries with No Tax on Winnings

Countries with Tax on Winnings

Casinos without ID – No verification Casino

Some casinos allow you to play without the need to submit your ID or do any registration. They are called no account, casinos without ID, or no registration casinos. These casinos are also commonly known as Pay ‘n Play casinos.

These casinos are a great option for individuals who want to play without the hassles of registration. Playing in a Pay N Play casino is not complex. The first thing is to choose an online casino you like. Then, you will have to register on Trustly for an account because this is the payment method many no registration casinos use.

After finishing the registration, you deposit the amount you want directly from your bank account. Simply log into your bank and wait for a verification code. It is also a bank ID which the casino uses to process payments, including deposits. After getting this code, input your deposit amount and start playing.

If you want to stop playing in the No verification casino and continue later, it is possible. The balance you have left will be linked to your bank account, and you can go on from there.

Payment- and IP blocking

Some government and players use restriction tools to prevent payment access to online casinos with no license. Many financial institutions offer this tool in situations where players are given a choice to exclude themselves from gambling platforms. This tool prevents any form of payments on gambling sites, which then urges players to quit playing. After all, players play in online casinos to win money.

This is a great option for players who don’t know how to control how much they gamble and are trying to break an addiction. It is also ideal for countries that want to prevent their citizens from playing in online casinos.

Like payment blocking, online casinos without license use IP blocking to ensure players from specific locations can’t play. These players won’t be able to engage in functions like making deposits or playing games. In some instances, the online casino won’t open when a player inputs the URL. These casinos use software that keeps track of IP addresses and blocks them. It is used mostly when the casino plans to get a license from that country and does not want any problem. This method can also be used by governments of countries that want to prevent their citizens from playing in online casinos.

Payment Methods in No license casinos

What payments are available on unlicensed casinos?

No license casinos offer the same methods of payments as their licensed counterparts. This means you can rest assured that your payment option would be supported on these platforms. Some of the available options include Debit and Credit cards, Mastercard, e-Wallets like Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, and EcoPayz. You will also find PayPal and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and many others. Many of these options support instant transactions, and you should get your funds almost immediately you click withdraw.

Using Visa/Mastercard can be difficult on casinos without license

Mastercard and Visa are some of the most common options for payment in most casinos. They are very efficient, work in numerous casinos and countries, and support deposits and withdrawals. In fact, these payment methods are an indisputable part of online casinos. This is majorly because of their wide acceptance, ease of use, and payment processing speed.

However, in some cases, players may find these options difficult to use in no online casinos except those without a license. This is because Visa and MasterCard have built their brands around legality and transparency. For this reason, it won’t be in line with their policies to operate in no license casinos. This is because no license casinos operating in a country with no legal license are illegal, and these brands tend to stay away.

If a specific country states that a specific casino is not legal, Visa and MasterCard will cease all business with them. This would remain the case even if they used to do business with them before. So, if you enjoy playing in no license casinos, you may need to find other payment methods. These great brands may be unable to offer their full services except you play in a licensed casino.

Play in the best no license casinos

There are many casino options available on the internet for players to choose from. There are the typical licensed casinos. The licensed casinos are more common, as players feel safer in these kinds of casinos. However, they have more strict rules regarding registration since they report to regulatory bodies. If you want a less strict option, then no license casinos are your best bet.

No license casinos offer tons of benefits to players. They allow players to register with ease and offer tons of amazing bonuses. However, some on license casinos are better than others, and you still need to exercise caution when choosing. You can save yourself the stress and choose one of the no license casinos on our list.

Our experts have properly vetted them to ensure they provide you with only the best. The casinos on our list offer tons of secure payment systems, along with many other bonuses you can enjoy. Choose one and start playing your favorite game today. You can be certain of the best online gambling experience available.

Frequently asked questions about casinos without license

Frequently asked questions about casinos without license

How can you tell if the casino has no license?

The easiest way to determine if a casino has no license is to check the homepage. It should have the logo of the regulatory body below.

Can you play at casinos without an Australian license?

Yes, you can—however, it's best to stick with safe options like those on our list.

Is it legal to play on casinos without license?

Yes, it is legal to play in casinos without license. There is no law against it so long as they don't host their website in the country they need a license for.

Is it safe to play on casinos without an Australian license?

Yes, it safe to play in casinos without an Australian license. However, you need to make sure you go with reliable options like those on our list.

Do I need to pay taxes on my winnings when I play at casinos without license?

Not necessarily. Taxes are dependent on the country you are situated in. Some countries require you to pay taxes on your winnings, while others do not. » No license Casinos 2023: Legal & Safe Casinos without a license
Last updated: 21. August 2023